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This depends on the Pms and Channel Manager tools that are used. If they are among those with which Revolution Plus already interfaces [see list] it is extremely easy to get all the data you need, directly on Revolution Plus in just a few seconds. In this case, it becomes easier to change a rate; all portals are online, including the management of availability.

If we are not interfaced – and you have already undertaken an activity with your PMS or the Channel Manager – it is preferable to ask for the necessary additions. In the meantime, temporary solutions are adopted, through the printing of the necessary information.

In case it is not possible to interface, you can opt for an alternative solution. Revolution Plus offers the advantage of being able to be updated with a simple “copy and paste”: the manual mode, in fact, can be considered as a real excel online.

Revolution Plus collects and cross-references all the alerts and data necessary to allow the human being to make pricing decisions independently.

However, it is also possible to introduce an artificial intelligence module, which allows the system to suggest rates thanks to machine learning. The analysis of the Franco Grasso revenue managers’ behavior overseeing performance trends for hundreds of properties worldwide is the learning basis of the machine that recommends price changes. These automated recommendations can be accepted and pushed on online channels with a click or overrode manually.

Comparing the different data that the Revolution Plus calendar makes available, through the update of what is foreseen.

An alert system presents the goal of the day, the speed of incoming bookings, the possibility of interpreting the trend on a long-distance or short-term date well in advance, the segmentation of the sales markets, the consideration of the unsold, the historicity of the dates of events, etc.

This comprehensive analysis allows those who consult the data on a daily basis to achieve a correct type of dynamism in the management of rates.

Revolution Plus, thanks to constant updating, continues to evolve and improve, in order to allow more and more segmented pick-ups.

Revolution Plus focuses its attention on the vertical analysis of numbers and on the trend of the facility under examination.

Analyzing a competitor means averting the attention from the data that really count from the perspective of a Revenue Management strategy.

Among other things, a competitor cannot be considered if the number of the rooms actually sold and the sales methods are not known beforehand. Each hotel has its commercial strategy, its capacity, its brand reputation.

Because every tool has its own mode of action. Revolution Plus is the most complete one. Meanwhile, some kind of management software is essential, otherwise it would be complicated to manage front and back office work.

However, entering data correctly is not enough: print-outs and statistics must necessarily be compared manually. Revolution Plus, instead, in a single screen display allows you to keep an eye on all the data needed to analyze the price of each single day.

The advantage consists of an improvement in performance. It not only collects all the data in a simple and intuitive way, but it stores all the statistics aimed at designing and processing the rates for the following year.

Revolution Plus can be considered a guide that trains the company to quickly and regularly consult the forecast trend of its activity.


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